Review: Photoolex (Canon) LP-E8 Battery 2-Pack Dual Charger – BC-LPE8

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My Review:

A couple of months ago, I bought a pair of LP-E8 batteries for my Canon 700D from Amazon as well and they were from BPS and they were cheaper but didn’t include with a dual charger bay or any charger at all but they work perfectly and I’m quite happy with it and it hasn’t let me down so far.

Now, Photoolex sent me this product in for a review on it and I have spent some time with it and I personally think it is the best battery pack you can get (£20) considering it includes a Micro-USB Dual Charging Bay which you can just plug it into a power bank considering it can put out enough power. I didn’t say that this product is good because they sent me a sample but I really do think it is that good because of its portability, price and reliability.

Not gonna lie, the Dual Charger Bay feels kinda cheap and extremely light, weighing only 26 grams compared to the Original Canon Charger which is 77 grams. I don’t know how safe the charger is but after 5 days of use, it has showed no signs of any faults yet. It has 2 LEDs on the middle of the charger which indicates RED if it is still charging and then GREEN when it is fully charged and takes around an hour to fully charge both batteries at the same time.

It needs power from a USB port that puts out 5V/2.1A because each bay takes DC 8.4V/0.8A so double that then it is what you get. The original Canon charger puts out a DC 8.4V/0.72A but then the Photoolex’s battery has a slightly bigger capacity coming at 1200mAh (8.65Wh) while Canon’s is 1120mAh (8.1Wh). Both batteries are Lithium-Ion based.

Some people who bought third-party camera batteries said they couldn’t record in 1080p which I’ve never encountered before (yet) but this battery and the BPS brand can handle anything like a Canon battery can do.

I just wish that they would include battery plastic cases/covers (BPS includes battery covers) so you can store them safely without worrying about accidentally shorting the batteries in your bag and then catching on fire but it is very unlikely but can happen. But you can get a battery bag from Neewer which only costs £7 on Amazon and can store up to 4 camera batteries of your like.

They offer a 12-month warranty on their products and you can email their support team if you have any problems with their product, here:

I hope you find this in-depth/quick review on the Camera batteries helpful. Leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

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