Review: AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard Brown Switch RGB Gaming Keyboard (KM-G4)

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My Review:

Before I want to get into this review, I want to say that Aukey sent me this keyboard to do an honest feedback of what I think of the product as a normal customer buying this, so my comments on this will be honest.

I’ve got 3 Aukey’s “gaming” keyboards in the past but really, I think out of all of them, there was only one that satisfied me in my gaming experience and that was the KM-G3 model. But now that they have a new keyboard in town, which is this one and it has Brown Switches which is their own switches and not made by Cherry or even Kailh. Brown switches are suppose to have tactile feedback like the Blue switches but without the clacky noise. But after typing a few paragraphs on this and played some games on it, the tactile feedback isn’t really that strong but it doesn’t have that clicky noise and I really like that type of noise when you hit the key-cap to the bottom without that annoying Blue switch noise.

The main important of this keyboard is the RGB lighting, it is finally so smooth and it feels like it has 16.8 million colours and it has various modes which you can activate by pressing both FN and any of the buttons above the arrow keys so it will be like FN+Insert or FN+Home and it will give various modes depending on the symbol on the key and you can even play the game Snake on this keyboard without any software which is really really cool but sometimes frustrating. You can play the snake game by pressing FN+Page Down.

It finally has its own software so you can customise any key you want on the keyboard to change its colour individually or even set a different command to it. Making any key on the keyboard as a macro key in theory which I have test a few keys across the keyboard and all seem to work but I do feel they could improve the software a lot more as it is still in Beta I think. This is probably their best keyboard yet and would like to see more from Aukey’s line up of keyboards in the future. I would definitely recommend this as an option if you are looking for really good budget gaming keyboards that has Chroma lighting. Now, only a matter of time when they can put a USB port pass through on it so you can plug in your phone and access data or just even a charging port and also a wrist rest for this keyboard.

I hope you find my review on it useful, and hopefully have made the right decision by reading my review on it. So far it’s only been a week of me using it and I still stand to my statement that it is the best keyboard Aukey has ever made and one of the best budget RGB gaming keyboards out there.

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