Review: AUKEY 28W Solar Panel Charger with 2 USB Port (PB-P5)

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My Review:

Before I want to get into this review, I want to say that Aukey sent me this product to do an honest feedback of what I think of the product as an unbiased person who will pretend that I have bought this product with my own money and share my honest feedback on that item.

I have Aukey’s 42W solar panel which I have left it on the loft’s window to keep charging power banks if ever needed. This is pretty much the same product but with less solar panels. At the moment, there is another competitor who is selling the same wattage solar panel but £5 cheaper which is EasyAcc’s solar panels. Both solar panels have up to 23.5% power efficiency so what that means is that it will still take a long time to charge up your device using these solar panels which I do not recommend getting if you are relying on getting battery life through this. But when I plug in my phone into this solar panel, it sometimes charges at full rate as how you would plug it into the wall as well but since I live in the UK, there’s just a lot of clouds everywhere so it wouldn’t be good for me but for someone who lives or is going somewhere that is sunny most of the time then it is definitely good to go. I used an app on my Android phone called “Ampere” which measures the charging rate going into my phone it was giving 2.1Amps to my phone which is pretty much the highest you can get on a phone and my phone can handle that amount of power but when I plug in another device into it, it doesn’t even divide the power equally but even worse so I would recommend charging the powerbank up first with these solar panels and charge the phone via the powerbank that you charged it up with so it doesn’t break your phone as it will keep stopping and charging every once in a while. But £50 is too much for me I think but solar panels is quite expensive so I would go on EasyAcc on this one and spend the extra £5 on a powerbank deal which you might be able to get a 5000mAh power bank when it comes on Amazon deals page. After using it for a few weeks straight into the sun, the solar panels have bend a little bit but still works and I just bent it back a little bit.

I hope you find this review helpful and please a comment down below if you have any questions about this solar panel and I’ll answer them.

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