Review: AUKEY 16W Bluetooth Speaker, Wireless Portable Speaker with Dual 8W Drivers (SK-S1)

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My Review:

Before I want to get into this review, I want to say that Aukey sent me this speaker to do an honest feedback of what I think of the product as a normal customer buying this so my comments will be honest.

I’ve had a few Bluetooth speakers from Aukey before and although this is around the right price for a decent wireless speaker (£32/$35) there are also other brands that are offering the same thing but price varies for both products, we have TaoTronic’s speaker and then Anker’s speaker. If I were choosing either of these three choices base on budget while maintaining sound quality but don’t care about looks then I’d go for TaoTronic’s because it is quoted to last “24 hours of music playtime” and not only that, it has Bluetooth 4.2 rather than Aukey’s Bluetooth 4.0 so it is better and cheaper but some people might like Aukey’s design better. Anker’s speaker on the other hand is a lot more expensive (£46/$70) but it does provide you some good features that the other two don’t have which is being waterproof and having an in-built charger which means you can charge your phone on the go while listening to music.

I’d say Aukey’s speaker was a little bit better than TaoTronics but not by a lot and it’s because I think the metal case of the speaker helps it rather than TaoTronic’s fabric case which causes it to be a little muffled but still a great speaker. All of them have an aux port so you can plug it in straight to your phone if it dies. The buttons on Anker’s is better because it is better and also TaoTronics but Aukey’s has a sleek design to it so it is up to you.

Which one would I choose? Well, it all goes down to preference. If you want that waterproof feature and would like to be able to charge your phone while having the same good sound quality then pick Anker but if you’re on a budget and don’t really care about it being waterproof then choose TaoTronics. I can’t promise that TaoTronics might be better in terms of design quality but it does have promising reviews on Amazon. But if you’re just going for looks then Aukey’s one is still quite pretty good and offers 2-year warranty and I haven’t been disappointed with their customer service as they always offer me great satisfaction and I haven’t been paid to say all of these things.

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