Review: Anker 63W 5-Port USB Wall Charger with Dual Quick Charge 3.0


Product links:

Aukey’s charger:

My Review:

I believe that this is the first product that came out with Dual Quick Charge 3.0 with 3 extra ports on. But there is another charger from Aukey which has the exact same ports but only puts out 60W but this Anker charger gives out 3W more but you do save £5 on the Aukey charger, both chargers are great.

This charger is oddly shaped because it doesn’t lay flat if you stand it because the edges are curved and the middle bit is not flat, they could’ve made that flat so it would stand but anyways they’ve included a adhesive strip that would stick on the charger and you can stick on the wall if you like or under the table. They should put some rubber feet on it so it would stand flat, hopefully Anker does this to the next version of this charger.


I was surprised that it didn’t come with any charging cable for your device because Anker makes the best phone cables out there and if I was spending £30/$35 on this, I would’ve expected it to have at least 1 phone cable in there. But you’ll only get the unit itself and the power lead.

The top (blue) ports are the Quick Charge 3.0 if you haven’t noticed yet and the bottom three are the IQ ports which detects your device and will charge it at the fastest rate yet safest as well so it’s a win-win really. You can also plug your device in the Quick Charge port even if it’s not quick charge compatible since it also detects the device. So there’s nothing to lose or worry about damaging your device. The blue LED on top of all ports is just there to say that the charger is getting power and it’s safe to charge your devices.

After plugging in 5 devices into this, the charger was getting a lot hotter than usual Anker chargers but was at the safe temperature that it shouldn’t catch on fire but I’d be wary. But the good news is that all 5 devices are getting the fastest rate it would’ve taken.

Overall, I’d say this Anker charger is the best one they have yet if you’re looking for a charger that can charge up 5 devices at the same time without having to worry about which one is draining all the power because all of them are getting the fastest charge.


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