FAQ – Ask me a question!

I will answer every single question there is or at least try. I have put all of the common questions & answers below.
Comment down to ask me a question.

(This page will get updated when a person asks a question.)


Do you make video reviews?

– Yes. I do in fact make video reviews depending on the product whether the seller wants me to do a video or I want to.


Do you have a YouTube channel?

– Sort of. I used to play games a lot back in the day and I used to upload it on my channel and now I’ve sort of mixed my video reviews and gaming in one channel and it’s not really practical. Here’s my link: YouTube


What is my Amazon (UK) Rank?

– Currently, I’m around 1-2k. It goes up and down but I’ve been posting reviews occasionally now as there’s a lot of stuff I got from buying and from my Uncle.


Where about’s are you from?

– I’m currently living in Essex, near the coast. Was born in Hertfordshire then moved to the Philippines and moved back here in the UK a few years ago. So I’m bilingual.


Why did you start reviewing products?

– Not gonna lie. At first, I did it just to get the product itself but now that I’m loaded with products, I feel like it’s time for me to make a blog and share my honest experiences now.


How do you get into contact with people that wants you to review their product?

– At first, I contacted them through their Amazon store and that’s what lead me here and nowadays, I don’t contact them now, they contact me through email or this blog’s contact page.


Why haven’t you posted your YouTube link on your blog?

– Because I feel like I want to start another channel again, dedicated to reviewing products.


What camera do you use to record videos or take photos with?

– Sometimes it’s Galaxy S5 for photos and then mainly my Canon 700D with 18-55mm Zoom Lens and 50mm f1.8. I have a 128GB Class 10 MicroSD Card from Sandisk.


Do you earn money through this blog?

– I only earn money through Amazon affiliate links which you can support me by bookmarking my Amazon link so whenever you buy something I get 1-5% from the item you spent. Link = http://amzn.to/2ljZRrA
But why do I see adverts on every page?
– Well, I’m only using a free subscription of WordPress which they will put adverts for themselves but I can get rid of it if I pay the Premium Subscription but I don’t have that much money on me, unfortunately.


How many emails do you get every day?

– Honestly, it can vary. As I’m not well-known, I only get around 1-2 emails per day on average. A lot of the time, no one emails me but then sometimes I can get 5 or more emails regarding about a product review and 60% of them, I usually declined their offer as they want me to review something that I’m not interested or have no profession with it.

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