Review: Voking VK430 E-TTL Speedlite

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First of all, this speedlite is an E-TTL version with a LCD display which is really useful as the display lights up so its useful at dark times and also this means I can put it on TTL mode which syncs with your camera’s shutter speed automatically. But I prefer going manual mode if I am going into shooting an object but definitely worth using TTL if I’m in a rush. You can obviously adjust the speed of the light or the flash control from 1/1 to 1/128
(8 stops/levels) which is good enough for me and they have zoom mode where the flash can zoom in and zoom out, whatever your preference is.

In my unboxing, I got a User Manual, 1 Year Warranty Card, Pouch Bag (for the Speedlite), Hot Shoe Stand and of course the Speedlite. This Speedlite packs a lot of features in it, including E-TTL, Multi-flash Lighting, Manual, S1 and S2. You can rotate and adjust the angle of the speedlite when mounted on, 0-90º vertical, 0-270º horizontally. The colour temperature cannot be changed so it’s on default on 5600Kelvin, triggering distance for wireless flash is 20-30 metres (indoor), 10-15 metres (outdoor) depending how bright the light is. The zooming distance can be changed and here are the values: 24/28/35/50/70/80/105mm. It has more additional features FEC, AEB, Manual Zoom and of course Auto Zoom.

I don’t really want to explain how a speedlite works so go ahead and watch a youtube tutorial on “How to use a speedlite” but I’m just here to talk to you what this speedlite offers. What it doesn’t offer is that no AA batteries are included but a quick trip down the shop didn’t stop from buying a pack. Make sure to buy rechargeable AA batteries as I keep buying the non-rechargeable and it is annoying to keep buying batteries over and over; just a tip 😉

I have definitely up my portrait game with this speedlite as I’ve been learning to bounce off the light from the wall to the face of the person which is very soft with that in-built diffuser on by the way. I can also bump down the aperture to get the sharpest details in there while maintaining very good even lighting on them. Highly recommend buying a speedlite.

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