Review: AUKEY GH-S4 Gaming Headset

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Aukey sent me this product in for a review on it and I haven’t been paid to say anything about this but instead in an exchange for an honest opinion/feedback of the product.


For their Scepter Product Series, they had to make a “gaming” headset that would compete with other companies out there and that’s why they’ve brought out the GH-S4 Gaming Headset. It has a nice automatic-adjustable head strap that will stretch to your head size which is nice and all but you can’t extend the physical metal headband which might restrict users with a bigger than average sized head.

A decently comfortable padding on it which seems to me is made out of Faux Leather, not so soft I’d say but certainly not hard to the point it’s uncomfortable for longer periods of use. It has a retractable microphone that, quite frankly, is too short in my opinion but it is quite sensitive that it picks your voice anyway which also means background noise as well.

You can swivel the headphones left to right but restricted to about 10° degrees and can’t swivel it vertically so it stays in one position which is huge problem for me as it will not sit flush with my face, leaving a gap at the bottom of the earcup which invites the background noise and cannot focus on what I’m supposed to listen to. And another important thing is that the earcups are round? I wouldn’t mind it but it’s too small for regular consumers like adults or even late teens as I am 18 years and the size of ears are quite average and it barely fits in there without my ears getting folded due to the size.

The cable (USB) is not braided but does not mean that it’s bad because they are using a thick plastic/rubber coating which is very flexible but would have preferred braided and also no volume controls on the cable but instead a volume rocker/wheel on the actual headset (located on the left back side). It also has a “boost bass” button next to the volume wheel as well which works but if you are playing at 100% volume, you are bound to hear distortions that are not pleasant to hear.


Aukey do provide a “Audio Control” software that allows you to mess around with the EQ / Equaliser, 3D audio, etc. Which I think is a good idea but they don’t really give you quite a lot of room to change as most of it is limited to the headphone’s speaker unit which to be honest are not that good for gaming at all.

Click to download the GH-S4 software!

More importantly, there is RGB lighting on both sides of the headphones which cycles through 7 colours and not 16.8Million if you were asking. And no, you cannot change the effect of the lighting whatsoever in the program at all which is kinda a bummer really as other competitors have RGB lighting that are controllable through a program or a physical button for around £20+ more and comes with better audio quality.


If Aukey really wanted to improve their gaming headsets that I’d suggest to have a better speaker unit inside the headphones, better design of the earcups (make it oblong shape so it fits most ears) and make the microphone longer as it only sticks out 1.5″ inches away which is not really enough as I want to turn down the sensitivity in Windows and get closer to reduce the background noise and improve clarity. More importantly, to be able to change the lighting on it and better software but other than that, it’s a “gaming” headset you’d expect for the price. I’d suggest looking at HyperX Cloud headsets if you were on a budget but would like to maintain a price to quality ratio then that’s the best headsets for the price.