Review: Aukey Mechanical Steampunk Keyboard Blue Switches KM-G10

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My Review:

Aukey sent me this product in for a review on it and I haven’t been paid to say anything about this but instead in an exchange for an honest opinion/feedback of the product.

Aukey has brought out their newest Mechanical Keyboard and that is the KM-G10 and it has a steampunk design to it due to the shape of the key caps which I am sure that a lot of people like that type of style as it will go along with their retro setups. The blue switches that Aukey uses are Outemu blue switches and they are basically a knock-off of Cherry MX Blue switches, some say that they feel different and some say they can’t tell a difference but for me I can tell a slight difference in the actuation force and they’re louder than the Cherry MX Blue Switches. I actually like the noise of the Blue switches and for me to have more actuation force and more clicky noise is perfect for me, however, the spacebar and the enter key makes a clacky noise instead of clicky because they are not put on properly and needs to be fit tightly.

The keyboard is only in US Layout so for those UK/EU people then I suggest go look for another keyboard. I also think that they keys are just a little bit too close together because I sometimes press two keys instead of one and that’s mainly because they are just too close to each other and the key caps are too small for me to be honest, that’s also one of the reasons why I click two keys instead of one so maybe when they design their next steampunk keyboard, they should actually make the spacing a bit wider and make the key caps a little bit bigger too.

The wire/cable is braided and it is 1.5 metres long so it’s long enough to go around the table to the back to your computer. The keyboard only comes with a User Manual, Warranty card and a Key Cap Remover, just in case you might want to replace the key caps for yourself. The key caps are double shot ABS which I am really confused because it doesn’t have any lighting (as in RGB or backlight) so I don’t understand why they used double shot ABS key caps on this keyboard.

I also wished that you could use macros since it would be really nice and maybe removable cable? I have seen removable USB on mechanical keyboards for the past 2 years and Aukey still hasn’t implemented that in any of their keyboards so that would be great to see in the future. When I switched the Layout to UK in Windows, I wasn’t able to make the hashtag [#] symbol on it anymore unless I switch back to US Layout of course but that would also mean I can’t use the [£] symbol either so it was really frustrating.

Another thing that I confirmed when I was testing the keyboard that it was water-resistant or in their Amazon’s description “spill-proof” and I have genuinely spilt tea on the numpad area and they still work although I did unplug it as soon as I spilt tea on it and remove the key caps so I can dry it off because I don’t really want the keyboard to be smelling like tea so as soon as it was dry, I plugged it right back in and all of the keys and functions still work.

For gaming, this keyboard is really fast but again it is too loud because my friends can hear me clicking the keyboard while in-game. The Lock Windows function works really well as I have pressed the Windows key numerous times while in-game before which was annoying but I am glad that they’ve put that in there.

You can also get their 87-key version of the keyboard, which is £6/$7 less than the Full Key Version which I don’t really see the point of getting the smaller one unless you don’t need the numpad or you are going for a compact setup. I really hope you enjoy this review but I do recommend looking at my review on Aukey’s other Mechanical Keyboard which features Brown Switches and has full RGB Chroma Lighting.