Review: Aukey 10000mAh Portable Charger PB-N42

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Aukey sent me this product in for a review on it and I haven’t been paid to say anything about this but instead in an exchange for an honest opinion/feedback of the product.

I had quite a few portable chargers in my reviewing experience and quite frankly they are all the same but with some added features such as LED lights to be able to use it as a torch which wasn’t really practical since it is quite a weak light source but nevertheless, it usually comes down to pricing. Today, Aukey sent me their most popular 10000mAh power bank and I will compare them with their other 10000mAh power bank and also one from Anker which is also a reputable brand.

First of all, the price of the PB-N42 is £12.99/$19.99 which only consists 2 USB Ports – 1.0Amps and 2.1Amps Output and then 2.1Amps Micro USB input and also an LED torch in the middle. Their older brother – PB-N50 costs more in the UK but same in the US: £15.99/$19.99 and this is also has the same exact Output and Input amperage but without an LED light but it is considerably thinner than the PB-N42 (almost half the thickness). Which I prefer because it fits right into my pocket and feels like a phone instead of a Nokia 3310 that bulges out from my jeans. Now we have Anker’s Powercore 10000 which costs a lot more going around £20/$25.99 and only has 1 USB port which puts out 2.4Amps compared to Aukey’s 2.1Amps. And also 2Amps for the Input and that’s what you get, it doesn’t have a LED torch with it or anything else, it is slightly bigger but shorter than Aukey’s PB-N42.

Both Aukey’s portable chargers have fully charged my Galaxy S7 Edge exactly twice and then run out of my juice however, Anker’s lasted a bit more than that but stopped at around 10% then run out of juice too. So Anker has better batteries inside theirs but I would still go with Aukey with this one, not because they have sent me their product to say this but simply because it is not worth the extra money just to have an extra 10% battery in your phone considering the price gap.

Both companies – Aukey & Anker do come with charging cables with them and also a long Warranty with them. Aukey has a 24-month warranty while Anker has 18-months. Although I have been using Anker for the longest so far but I did test out Aukey for nearly 2 weeks now and I think your money is gonna be best on Aukey’s portable charger. Whether you want the LED light or not, you can choose either the PB-N42 or the PB-N50. If you are on a tight budget then get the PB-N42.

If you want to spend a little bit extra then I would suggest you go for Aukey’s 20000mAh Portable Charger PB-N36 which costs £22.99/$34.99 and you get twice the capacity and in my opinion is the best bang for your buck portable charger because it can charge your phone at least 3-4 times (basing on my Galaxy S7). I hope you considered which power bank to choose now, let me know what you want me to review with Aukey or Anker next and I will see if they can send me the product that you want me to test.