Review: Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth Speaker with Better Bass

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Anker sent me this product sample in for a review for an honest feedback/opinion about it and I haven’t paid at all. IF I don’t mention a statement like this in the future, that means I’ve been paid but no, they just sent me a sample to check it out.

Anker has released quite a few speakers before and one of the most popular ones was the Soundcore. But one of the problem that most people were quite annoyed was that it was lacking some bass to it and now Anker listened to the problems and resolved it by releasing the Soundcore 2. It looks the same as the old one however, there are some changes that Anker did like it has IPX5 Water Resistance, passive sub woofer in the middle, better speaker units (12Watts instead of 6Watts) and then upgraded Bluetooth to 4.2 from 4.0.

They’ve done quite a lot to this and made a huge difference to the sound quality but I just wished that they could’ve added other features like NFC or being able to pair with an another Soundcore speaker to provide stereo experience. At this price, it is definitely worth buying the Soundcore 2 over the original one, however, if you already have the original Soundcore then I would just keep it and wait until they release something even better because the first Soundcore was actually not that bad but if you’re an audiophile or wants that water resistance then go for it because it does help to have that water resistance especially when you take this with you to the beach or a pool.

The sound quality was definitely better than the original Soundcore which was expected and a lot more bass. But I feel like they could improve on the Lows and a tiny bit on the Mids because it is certainly sitting around in between the Highs and the Mids which if you hear closely, it’s not really balanced but you can’t notice it unless you really try and listen. I do like how they sound compared to the original Soundcore. The Mic quality sounded like I was far away but they could definitely hear me but not when its windy.

There’s a rubber flap on the side now which covers the 3.5mm aux port and the micro usb port for charging so it can be water resistant. I do find it a little bit challenging to open it for me because I short nails and the flap is just not long enough to have a grip on, at least for me anyways but once I kept doing it, it loosened up a bit which I tried the water resistance of it again and still works like a charm. The buttons on the top are for Playback controls and it is self-explanatory really, you have the Play/Pause, Next Track, Back Track, Volume Up & Down and the Bluetooth button. Pairing was really easy, turned the speaker on and it was already on pairing mode.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed using this speaker due to its size  & portability and the sound quality it provides. It lasted me around a whole day of putting out music around mid volume.  Anker has a fantastic customer service which they will help you if you have a problem whether if its broken or you can’t figure out how to use a feature, they are there 24/7 to help you and even replace your speaker if it’s faulty. Hope you find this review useful.