Review: ORICO 2.5″ Hard Drive Enclosure External Case, USB 3.0, SATA III 6Gbps

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ORICO sent me this product sample in for a review for an honest feedback/opinion about it and I haven’t paid at all. IF I don’t mention a statement like this in the future, that means I’ve been paid but no, they just sent me a sample to check it out.

I have worked with ORICO before and have reviewed a couple of their HDD 3.5″ enclosures and it was not that bad. Now, I do have quite a few 2.5″ hard drives laying around which I could use for portable storage so ORICO hooked me up with their new 2.5″ enclosure and I don’t particularly like clear cases but it’s sort of cool to see the hard drive itself through the case. It does have a MicroUSB-B 3.0 which still is a standard for 2.5″ enclosures since they don’t need a external power source because laptop hard drives doesn’t need a lot of power. They do have a USB-C version of this which has USB 3.1 speeds and they have other versions of enclosures as well which I have the links on the top of this review.

To open up the case, you just slide the top all the way down to put in your drive. The reason why I like this case is because it is tool-free which means I don’t need any screwdrivers to open the enclosure to put it in but the problem I have with this is that when I want to remove the drive out of the enclosure. It is quite hard to take out, I had to use my nail to lever it out which is not a problem to me but I ran into it when my brother tried to take it out since he has short nails so he couldn’t take it out.

But you could tell that your drive is secure because it’s a little bit of struggle to take it out so even if you drop it, it should be able to save your drive from impacts. It’s not a bad case, it’s quite cheap for the price as well and ORICO is quite known to be good with enclosures so they definitely know what they’re doing and they have a warranty if ever there’s a problem with their product and you could ask for a refund or a replacement which I think is great and recommend other companies to do it as well.

I did a speed comparison with Aukey’s 2.5″ enclosure as well and both performed similar but ORICO performed a little bit better in the tests but for durability, I can’t tell yet but I do know that the Aukey enclosure is still working after 6 months so I will update on this post whenever something happens.