Review: MACTREM PT55 Tripod 55-Inch with Bag for DSLR

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Mactrem sent me this product sample in for a review for an honest feedback/opinion about it and I haven’t paid at all. IF I don’t mention a statement like this in the future, that means I’ve been paid but no, they just sent me a sample to check it out.

The build quality of the tripod seems to be good but of course all of its made out of plastic and you know the deal with plastic tripods, they’re just flimsy and can easily break but Mactrem is quite a solid build except when you expand all the legs all the way and you’ll then see that the legs can easily break and tip over but luckily it has a little hook underneath and I was able to put a bag of tins to make the tripod stable so it won’t tip over.


There are clips on the legs so you can make the tripod taller and you just clip it back in. If you have set up the tripod where it is not spread out as much then you can just lock it in place by twisting the lock in the middle so it won’t go out. The only thing that I would complain on a tripod like this is that the tripod head is a little bit stiff but you can adjust the head to go upwards/downwards or left and right but basically, if you are starting up recording yourself in front of the camera then this is definitely a good way to go because you’re not gonna be using the tripod head to do tracking shots because that’s not gonna happen due to the jittery effect on the video. If you are doing like a timelapse on this tripod then it is wise to put a weight underneath to keep it steady from the winds because it will definitely move from the wind unless your camera is very heavy but I myself put a Canon 700D with a reasonably heavy lens on it and it’s still easy to move the tripod.

It comes with a bag with it and a manual which is pretty much self explanatory on how to use it. Would I recommend this? Yes and No. Yes because it is a decent tripod but there are similar tripods on the market which will provide the same service and for less money. If I were you I’d spend a little extra on a better tripod, Mactrem has another tripod which is the AT64 model and it is a lot better in my experience. But for £37/$44, this is not that bad but may be a little bit expensive for students who are starting to do YouTube videos so if you are going to put your several hundred camera on a tripod, might as well buy their better model which will ensure safety and provide more features. This particular tripod comes in different colours but I chose black because it just looks nicer in my opinion. At least this tripod has a quick release plate on the top but again it is made out of plastic but it does secure the camera on the tripod. Hopefully, you find my review on this tripod useful as I keep aiming to give out honest reviews out for average consumers out there.