Review: Ivanky Mini DP to HDMI Adapter (DP01)

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Ivanky sent me their product in for a review on it in exchange for an honest opinion/feedback about it. They have not paid me to say anything but instead they sent me a sample to check it out.

Although Ivanky doesn’t have a lot of products right now (like 3 products at the moment) they make absolutely good quality products. Even their 3.5mm aux cable that I used before, it’s still hasn’t failed me and sometimes I’ve been using it to wrap it around something and hang it because it was nylon braided and so is this!


I understand that MiniDP Adapters have thick cables to transport the video & audio information from the device to the display but they stepped it up and have also used nylon braided cable and it is 5.3mm thick. The plug housing are aluminium and the plugs/ports itself is gold plated (I think, so take that as a grain of salt). The cable is 6.5 inches or 16.5cm long (excluding the distance from the plug/port).

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For only £7/$10, is this worth getting rather than other brands? Well, I’m going to compare it to Rankie’s adapter which is also one of the top adapters on Amazon and only costs £1/$2 less! But the build quality is what you’d expect: No braided cable and made out of plastic. In my opinion, I would rather spend a pound/dollar more just to ensure that it will last longer for reliability and I’m sure both works perfectly fine but if you’re like me who uses accessories a lot then go with the more robust one 😉 Again, I haven’t been paid by Ivanky to say these stuff, just thought I’d share my opinion on this although I wonder why people would still get buy this adapters when you can just get a MiniDP to an HDMI cable conversion unless you have a reason behind it. I hope you find this review/comparison helpful and if you have any questions, comment down below and I’ll answer them.