Review: Anker PowerCore 10000mAh Portable Charger

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Anker sent me this product in for a review on it and I haven’t been paid to say anything about this but instead in an exchange for an honest opinion/feedback of the product.

I previously reviewed Anker’s PowerCore Speed 20000mAh portable charger and honestly, for half the price, this is more than enough for charging up your phone or a tablet at least once or twice. Like, this is the perfect sized portable charger that can fit in your pocket without feeling uncomfortable and I must say, this almost feels like its par to par with Aukey’s 10000mAh slim portable charger as well which I also did a review on it. There are some features that I like about on the Aukey’s one which is having two charging ports and nearly half as slim as this Anker’s charger but of course a centimetre wider/longer but both fits right in your pocket comfortably.

This product includes a carrying pouch with it, a charging cable (Micro USB) and a user manual. I really like their carrying pouch because I can just use it to store some of my coins I have as I do not like carrying coins in my pocket to prevent scratching my phone.

After reviewing a lot of portable chargers for the past couple of years, this is definitely the smallest one (but thicker though) that packs a lot of juice inside it. But it only has 1 charging port and it’s not even a Quick Charge port although you can buy the quick charge port version of this but costs £6 more which is worth it if you have a quick charge device. But instead of buying the quick charge version, maybe its worth getting more capacity instead of the quick charge feature? Anker has a slightly bigger version of this power bank which is a 13,000mAh and costs £24 or you can go get Aukey’s popular portable charger which costs only £19 for double the capacity and has more ports.

It took me a while (around 5 hours in my experience) to charge this power bank up from 0-100% as it only takes 1 input @ 2Amps. It has an maximum charging output of 2.4Amps which detects your device first to determine the fastest charging rate and in my case, my Galaxy S5 takes 1.8Amps and it is getting that rate all the way from 0-100% which is great. It got me through 3.5 full charges on my phone which is really not bad considering how small this thing is and would make a great gift to your friend or family.

If I had a choice of getting a power bank for a gift, I would rather buy the Aukey PB-N36 20000mAh power bank because it only costs £19.99 which is the same price as Anker’s PowerCore 10000 and it’s only half the capacity of Aukey’s one. I’ve used the Aukey’s power bank for a good few months now and nearly a year of using it nearly daily and haven’t had an issue from it yet. If you want a portable charger that fits in your pocket easily then get the Anker Powercore 10000 but if you’re just gonna put it in your backpack and take it out when you use it, then it would be a wiser option to buy Aukey’s power bank. I hope you find this review useful and hope it helped you in deciding whether to buy this product or the other products I’ve mentioned and if you have any questions regarding about this power bank, comment down below and I’ll reply asap.