Review: TUTUO V15 USB-C Card Reader SD/TF USB-C to USB-A Adapter 3.0 OTG

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Tutuo sent me their product in for a review to give back feedback and an honest opinion on their product and share it to everyone. They have not paid me to say anything but rather sent me a sample to test it out.

First of all, this is one of the cheapest USB-C adapters out there on the market, there are others like Jelly Comb’s, East Wild’s, etc. But for only £8/$10, it is actually not bad considering this doesn’t involve any cables which also fits in your pocket easily so you can just carry this around wherever you go.

It features a USB3.0-A port, MicroSD card port and a full sized SD card which I have tested all of them and there are some things I’d like to point out.

• Very portable (no cables, easily fits in your pocket)
• Inexpensive
• USB3.0 speeds

• USB-C plug is too long that it sticks out 1-2mm from the port which hangs over
• You can only read one card at a time so if you put two cards in the adapter, it will only read one randomly (but it still reads the USB3.0 drive together with the card)
• It’s too wide that I can’t use the other USB-C port while this is plugged in (2.3cm/23mm wide)


Honestly, I use my Macbook Pro 2016 model and I sometimes use it to edit my photos via Photoshop. I just take out the card from my camera and plug it in straight to the card reader and copy/move the files over to my desktop then I just unplug it. It is a little bit frustrating that I can’t use this while I’m charging my Macbook or the other way round because this is just too fat that I can’t plug in another device into my other USB-C port.

But other than that, I’ve been getting full USB3.0 speeds on all of them and it of course depends on the SD card speed as well but I have a Samsung EVO 32GB SD card to test it out and I’m getting 45MBps Read and 15MBps Write which is about right for my card’s speed. Then I tested out my SanDisk 128GB USB3.0 flash drive and I’m getting around 90MBps Read and 12MBps Write.

If you don’t mind carrying around a hub with a cable dangling down then get the HooToo’s USB-C 3.1 Hub which does cost a little bit but you do get extra ports and supports USB3.1 so it will be faster. Also have a look at Tutuo’s other USB-C Hub. But this is definitely the one to go for if you want that portable card reader in case of an emergency like when you are in a shop or on the train and you’d like to copy/move files from your drive/card to your laptop on the go.