Review: AUKEY Car Charger 4 Ports 9.6A/48W USB

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My Review:

When I first got my car, I bought some cheap Chinese USB chargers and I was almost paying the same price for having two USB ports. I didn’t even know what Amperage it was giving out but it failed me after a month’s of use anyway. So I finally got this, I can now not just charge two devices but FOUR! I use one of these ports to provide power to the dashcam to keep it running which is also one of the reasons why I needed a 4-port charger.

The good thing about this, is that the green USB ports from Aukey means that they have an AiPower Charging Technology built-in to it which means whatever you plug into it. It will detect the device’s safest Amperage/Wattage it can give so it won’t harm the battery and also means that it will charge it at the fastest rate it can which is great, it’s like knocking down two birds with one stone.

The build quality is great, nothing fancy. I do like the design and the colour scheme but I don’t really care about that because I only want a product that works properly and this one does the job. I will update this review when something happens to it or whether it fails me. But I do fully recommend getting this charger as if you get a broken one or a faulty one then all you need to do is contact Aukey and they will arrange a refund or they’ll send another one. That’s one of the best things Aukey have, good customer service.

Manufacturer’s description:

AUKEY AIPower: Maximized the Capability and Charging Speed.
Don’t settle for restricted charging speeds from standard USB ports. Set yourself free with revolutionary AUKEY AIPower technology for intelligent device detection: ride the recharging autobahn and get the maximum charging speed (up to 2.4A) every time.

Four Giant USB Ports, One elegant Solution
Enjoy turbo-charged simultaneously charging on the road. The Quad-USB port car charger provides four smart ports to intelligently charge your device at maximum speed every time all the time. Perfect for your smartphone, tablets, and other USB devices. Don’t leave home without this essential travel companion.

Featherweight Design
Weighting only 1.52-ounce, you’d never expect such power from a car charger this compact. Combining charging power, ease of use and total practicality in an ultra-compact package.

Fast and Safe Every Time
Power is nothing without safety. You receive full power with total safety from each smart port; built-in intelligent protection safeguards to prevent over-heating, over-charging, and voltage surge.

Popular Compatible Models:
Apple: iPhone 5S 5C 5 4S 4; iPads and iPods (except the iPod Classic) @ 1 to 2.4 Amp Max
Android Phones: Samsung Galaxy S5 S4, S3, S2, Note 2/Droid RAZR MAXX/HTC One etc.@ 2.1 Amp Max
Other Devices: GPS, External Battery, Nexus 7, 10 up to 2.4A

24 Months Warranty
At Aukey, we stand behind every product with 24 Months of product warranty and life-time customer support.

Note :
Please do not use the car charger when you start the car. Please do not connect the car with GPS,Car DVR.