Review: Meidong Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

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My review:

The packaging of this speaker is quite nice (a little bit dusty), it has specifications on the back of the box. It has a picture of the speaker on the front and it looks good. The first thing you’ll see in the box is a pouch bag on top of the speaker which inside has a battery which looks like a Nokia’s phone battery so you have an extra battery. Underneath the speaker, you’ll get an AUX cable (3.5mm) and a MicroUSB cable for charging the speaker.

You can connect to the speaker via NFC which I have tested it with my Galaxy S5 and what it does it just connects you through Bluetooth so you don’t have to turn on Bluetooth and tap connect to the speaker, you just simply tap the phone to the speaker, and it lets it connect for you which is good. The controls of the speaker are on the top which is touch-control, and it lights up red.

It is great, it has a good balance between bass and clarity. It seems that 10W speaker in there can handle the power, it can be really really LOUD. I never expected it to be that loud from a small speaker. You can also call someone through it as it has a microphone built-in and my partner said it is not the best but he can definitely hear me loud & clear and I can also confirm that I can hear him very loud on the speaker.

On the bottom of the speaker, you’ll find the back plate of the battery which you can replace it with the other battery that they provide so you don’t have to go out with a dead speaker. Also at the back of the speaker, you’ll see a MicroUSB port, AUX port (3.5mm) and an ON/OFF switch.

P.S. The logo on the front lights up green when it is switched on by the way 🙂

Manufacturer’s description:

  • 10W Bluetooth speaker, big sound–full fill your living room or bedroom.
  • Two drivers and two passive radiators provide full-spectrum audio and clarity at any listening level.
  • Multi-function touch screen for volume control, music choice, pause and play.
  • Curved edges and thin profile for easy grab-and-go portability.
  • Built-in Microphone lets you take calls out loud and clear. Aux input enables you to connect to other audio sources, like a tablet or MP3 player.

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it has to sound that way. The Miniboom Bluetooth speaker delivers full sound with deeper lows than you’d expect from a speaker that fits in the palm of your hand. And because it’s wireless and ultra-compact, it’s easy to take this sound anywhere. The built-in speakerphone lets you take calls out loud with clear sound. Plays unplugged for hours and can be charged from most USB power sources. Ultra-compact speaker easily slips into a bag, backpack or even a coat pocket so you can truly take sound anywhere.

Box Contains

Miniboom Bluetooth Speaker Micro USB Charging Cable 3.5mm Audio Cable User Guide